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About The Indestructible Nuts Gym!

Our trainers believe in one very simple, fundamental truth above all (most) others:

It is fun to kick guys in the balls.

Now, that being said, there is still a certain amount of social stigma attached to the activity itself. We strive to abolish that stigma and encourage all women to take part in one of the oldest and most human of all past-times.

As for the boys of IDN Gym, well our friendly trainers are here to ensure that you can take whatever testicular abuse a girl may want to dish out, without disappointing her. After all, if she enjoys it (which she does) you should endeavor to give her as much enjoyment as you can, which means tolerating as much grievous injury as your groin can physically stand.

Our dedicated trainers will use kicks, punches, stomps, trampling, kneeing, slapping and squeezing all to achieve the desired effect. Laughter is common in the gym, as are moans, sobs and the occasional popping noise. It's all in a day's work for our enthusiastic staff!

Our Staff

Brittney recruited Jessie just by showing her one of the gym's videos. Her exact reaction: "That looks fun as hell!"

Well, she is totally right.

Jessie doesn't even hesitate to give it all she's got in the gym. She's a true role model for every girl in the audience.


Amanda is one third of the new super group: The Triple Threat, along with Brittney and Rachel. She is a very sweet, kind person until you give her an opportunity to kick a guy in the balls.

Then; well just watch out brother, she has her head in the game!


Rachel, Brittney and Amanda comprise The Triple Threat, the latest group of beautiful women to terrorize the gym with their infectious smiles and goofy personalities.

Rachel brings a certain bravado and swagger to the gym and knows how to deliver a mean kick while laughing about it.


Peggy is by far the most motivating trainer in the gym. She believes very firmly in the mission of the gym and dedicates herself to the task 200%. Even if she does find the whole thing kind of hilarious.

She fancies herself the Richard Simmons of ballbusting and it comes across in her delivery.


Brittney brings energy, humor and sheer power to any training session. She has no classical training in martial arts but took part in gymnastics as a youth.

She currently holds the record for most kicks, most drops and most training sessions.


Rachael brings a lifetime of ballet training to the gym. You may think that ballet is about poise, grace and tutus, but it's really all about sheer leg strength.

She has the hardest kicks the gym has seen yet. Eegan's balls may not be long for this world.


Brianna came to the gym by sheer coincidence and was a perfect fit immediately. She specializes in "Stairmaster Remix" and "Free For All" training sessions.

She can usually be found pairing with Brittney to form the unique duo known as "The Killer Bees."


Samantha is a trained MMA fighter who brings control, power and energy to the gym. Her laugh and care-free spirit really shine as she trains the guys atthe gym.

Her feisty Italian personality makes her a formidable trainer for even the toughest fellas.

Julie_picture Julie is a second degree black belt in the traditional Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do. She exemplifies the tenets of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit. Her kicks are perfectly aimed and timed as well as being some of the hardest in the gym.
Vanesa_picture Vanesa, also referred to lovingly simply as "V" is the youngest member of the crew at 20 and is the resident artist and photographer. She may be small in stature but her personality and physical skills are enormous.

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